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New Report: Brand in culture? Time for some New Rules.

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

Introducing our new report Active Listening: Culture's New Rules- essential insight from some of culture's most urgent voices on what a year like no other means for their communities and where brands need to step up and step in to help them survive.

We spoke to some of Music, Sport & LGBTQ+ culture's brightest voices to find out what a year like 2020 has meant for cultural communities and what brands need to do in order to have an impact in 2021 and beyond.

Want to know what LGBTQ+ activist and Celebrity Masterchef winner Riyadh Khalaf thinks of last year's Pride campaigns?

Who DJ and producer Honey Dijon says is constantly overlooked in brand activations? Who's being left behind in Music and Sport or how Radio 1 DJ Jaguar's community have been banding together during lockdown?

Find out by downloading Active Listening: Culture's New Rules now.



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