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New Client alert!

We are delighted to announce Superdrug as our new client! So excited to be working with this absolute high street icon and we’ll be kicking off with something super exciting in the sustainability space very soon…♻️

Superdrug’s ‘activist mindset’ first caught our eye during the Lockdown 1 a year a go, when a spike in domestic violence reports and extremely limited access to services saw an urgent need for support. Superdrug were amongst a handful of high street pharmacies that offered their physical stores as safe spaces for people experiencing domestic violence and in need of help during very traumatic times.

But this is was just one of the ways the beloved town centre staple has shown they are no strangers to the tropes of activism. In the wake of JK Rowling’s transphobic outbursts last year, Superdrug launched their own-brand Luna tampons complete with gender-neutral language, ‘for people who menstruate’, to be inclusive of trans and non-binary people who also have periods. A subtle but radical approach from a high street brand at a time when high-profile support has never been more essential for the trans community.

Far from being a 2020 ‘thing’, Superdrug have been using their platform and resources to push for change for some time. Their ongoing Shades of Beauty campaign, launched in 2016, recognised ‘there is still a long way to go in the beauty industry to make products for women of colour truly accessible’ and saw them significantly increase their beauty offering for darker skin tones, ensure they carried a greater range of afro-haircare products and put pressure on their suppliers to follow suit.

Their commitment to sustainability saw them become the first health & beauty retailer to sign-up to the New Plastics Economy (NPE) Global Commitment to help reduce plastic waste and were the first health & beauty retailer, they also became members of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) to help address the environmental impact of palm oil and in 2019 switched to using 100% renewable energy, reducing their CO2 emissions by 18,000 tonnes a year.

We are super-excited to work with them on doing even more in this space. Keep an eye out for more on this soon!



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