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New work: Superdrug x

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

With such huge demand from consumers for more info on how to make more sustainable choices every day Superdrug asked us to connect them with activists who could help demystify some of the language and ideas around sustainability for their audience, whilst exploring ‘progress not perfection’ approach to getting started.

♻️ 🌱💕

No strangers to tackling complex issues with trademark relatability, put together a special #DoingGoodFeelsSuper Earth Day brunch show with hosts and guests offering simple, practical tips for how we can make better choices for the planet whether its in our beauty routines, whilst travelling or in our wardrobes.

Meet them here and check out their excellent work >>


Joycelyn Longdon is founder of Climate In Colour an online education platform and community making climate conversations more accessible and diverse. Covering topics like environmental racism and decoding climate science, Climate in Colour is an essential resource for the ‘climate curious’ and her brunch show interview is an unmissable window into her expertise and approach.


Kesang is co-founder of creative travel platform Trippin World. Powered by a diverse community connecting cultures worldwide, Trippin explores sustainable travel through a refreshing real world lens. Hear Kesang chat about the future of travel and the importance of wanderlust with purpose in her excellent interview.


Label owner and sustainable fashion queen Becky Tong helped create a 100% zero waste merch line for her artists and has her own upcycled clothing line Rewind Garms . Listen to her chat plant-based dyes from your kitchen cupboards and sustainable beauty secrets.


Brunch show host, rising star and vegan beauty fan Kennedy Taylor took on a plastic-free challenge for the show, exploring her own sustainability journey and suggesting simple everyday ways we can all do more to show love to the planet.


Listen again to the full show here.



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