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OT1 Opinion Piece: 5 ways for brands to step up for the music industry

Updated: Mar 25, 2021

"The government’s Culture Recovery Fund recently managed to ensure 89% of grassroots music venues received the funding they applied for. On paper, this looks like a massive result, but the music industry voices we polled recently paint a more nuanced picture. We’re hearing of gaps in funding, performative acts from brands during moments of crisis, but new and innovative ways for brands to revaluate their relationship with communities in music as we head into a second lockdown.

Simply put, brands who’ve benefited from culture need to start giving back to that culture. And while the party’s on pause, how can they reflect change and help the industry flourish in meaningful ways? How can they tap in when the industry is on the brink of tapping out? And who can they learn from?"

Read the full article in The Drum.



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